Boss Babe Glitter Duo


Out of the Hipdot archive it's time for a restock of our original 18 shade Boss Is Beauty palette! We're celebrating by pairing it with our irresistible Crystals glitter palette, making for the ultimate Boss Babe power duo. Create endless combinations of rosy, romantic looks with this ultra thin palette, and then take them to the next level with pressed glitter as a topper.

Boss Is Beauty - Who runs the world?  You.  And what better to run it with a killer smokey eye?  Boss Is Beauty holds 18 buttery soft, ultra blendable, confidence boosting shades that last up to 16 hours, because Boss Ladies don't have time for eyeshadow creases.

Crystals - capturing the sparkling hues of our favorite crystals and gemstones, our pressed glitter palette will turn you into a walking Kira Kira filter. Warning: may inspire absurd amounts of fun.